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Counselling and Psychotherapy are similar growth-oriented, talk-based therapies that differ primarily in scope and depth.

Counselling is perfect for more short term issues that require additional support and guidance to get through.

Psychotherapy goes deeper, and tends to be longer term in duration. It will help you safely confront, shift, and transform deeply ingrained patterns or issues that are holding you back.

Getting counselling or psychotherapy does not mean you’re crazy, weak, or a lost cause. It’s not only completely normal, but also healthy to reach out and get a kind helping hand from an objective, trained professional.

Getting support simply means you get to feel better, clearer, stronger, and happier, sooner, rather than later.


With a background in Psychology, mindfulness practices, training in Process Oriented Psychology, and soul-centered Psychotherapy, my approach is holistic; integrating the mind, heart, body and soul.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of self are taken into account, along with cultural and relational factors that have shaped who you are, where you are, and where you’re wishing to go.

Our sessions will be warm and professional: completely confidential, non-judgmental, safe, gentle, and transformative.


An accelerated healing intervention to dive straight into, and start shedding any ingrained limiting beliefs, thoughts, or feelings that are holding you back from feeling as good as you deserve to feel, and living life to your highest potential.

Gentle, but not for the faint of heart either, this method is designed to help you feel results as fast as possible. The aim is to remove all blocks to your awareness of, and connection to, the True You: empowered, fearless, authentic, and joyful.

This is a 20 minute guided process that can be included within a general therapy session, and best used for a minimum of 4 sessions.


Feel better sooner: life's too short to spend struggling or just getting by.

Drug-free treatment: commit to real lasting change made on your own terms, without the risks associated with band-aid drug approaches.

A holistic empowering approach: not a pathological one that wants to put you in a box and label you.

Take charge of your life: invest in your inner growth and feel clearer, stronger, happier, and calmer.

Heal and strengthen your relationships: investing in yourself is an investment in all your loved ones.


You are able to get through anything: no matter how troubling, or seemingly insurmountable. Walk in acceptance, self-respect, and appreciation.

Every experience is meaningful: within it are contained the seeds for change, deep strength, and evolving wisdom. Grow into your emergent self.

You are stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than you know. Remember your unalterable worth.

You have the solutions you seek: your inner guide knows exactly what you need, and where you need to go. Reconnect to your innate GPS.

You can get back to your best self, no matter how far you think you have fallen. Bounce back.

You are the source of your own healing. Embrace your inherent, irrepressible power.



Visit me in one of my offices in the Sydney CBD or Newtown. Especially convenient if you work, study, or live in the area.

$120/hr session


Book a remote session over the phone or Skype. Great if you’re not in the area, out-of-state, or finding it too hard to come in.

$100/hr session


Book your session in the comfort of your own home. This is the best option if medical reasons prevent you from travelling in.

$150/hr session

*Email sessions can be arranged upon request.
**Concession rates are also available for students, pensioners, and those experiencing financial difficulty. Get in touch and we’ll work something out.

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