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– connect & commit to the happier, calmer and freer True You

Do you often feel bad, mad, or sad?
Overwhelmed with insecurities, doubts or fears?
Do you feel trapped, unsure, unclear?
Do you long to feel good?
Have you wondered whether there was a better way?
Thankfully there is a better way.
You don’t have to continue struggling on your own.
Save yourself time.
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Reach out and start to feel better now.

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Individual Therapy

Struggling to face the day ahead or keep going? Pop in for an in-person session at one of my conveniently located spaces in the heart of the Sydney CBD or Newtown. If you need support but can’t make it in, just book a remote online session that you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

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Couples Counselling

Whether you’re navigating a challenging bump in the road in your relationship, having difficulty adjusting to life changes, worrying you’ve grown apart, or that there’s nothing left to salvage, couples counselling can help. Gain the clarity and confidence to revive and restore your partnership together.

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Home Visit

If you’re unable to attend appointments in-person due to physical limitations or medical reasons, and don’t want to miss out on the magic of the live therapist-client inter-dynamic, simply book a home visit and I’ll bring myself and your session to

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My name is Katherine Saldarriaga.

I’m a Holistic Psychotherapist & Counsellor passionate about helping you feel good. Let me help you transform your pain, challenges, doubts, worries, and fears into fuel. Fuel to help you grow, live authentically, and to realise your life’s highest possibilities.

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What They Are Saying

  • Having sessions with Katherine makes me feel better- happier, calmer, more appreciative, loved, and compassionate- and who doesn’t want that?”
  • This has been very effective compared to other counselling modalities I’ve tried. I’d rate this 10/10.

  • This has been amazing. Based on the benefits I’ve seen, I would recommend this to everyone.
  • Katherine works wonders; this has worked so much better than other types of therapy I’ve tried. I’ve even been sleeping better.

  • Four sessions got rid of the headaches I was having almost daily for the past few years. That’s massive. A huge, very very big deal.


* Names changed to maintain client confidentiality

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